Complete Dry Dog Food With Fish

Wolfsblut is the right choice for your dog:

  • Grain-free
  • All natural ingredients
  • The main ingredient is human-grade fish.
  • Sustainable Fishing
  • Inspired by wolves and nutritionally balanced by vets & scientists.
  • Added superfood
  • Suitable for allergy prone puppies
  • Detailed feeding guides on all products
  • German pet owners consistently say it’s the best & they expect the highest quality.


  • The primary ingredient in this all-natural recipe is human-grade, sustainably sourced fish: salmon, herring, mackerel, trout and shrimp.
  • Additional ingredients are all selected for their beneficial impact on your puppy’s long-term health and happiness.
    • Potato, which boasts 15 different minerals and trace elements.
    • Natural vitamins from pumpkin and sea buckthorn.
    • A bespoke superfood complex of stinging nettle, Jerusalem artichoke, Yucca schidigera and spirulina.
  • Free from anything that is not a natural food for carnivores especially grains (one of the most common allergy triggers in puppies):
    • Free from grains, gluten, maize, added sugar, soya, flavour enhancers, artificial colours and preservatives.
  • Also suitable for allergy sufferers and allergy-prone dogs.
  • Your puppy’s inner wolf will go wild for this feast of fish.

The WILD PACIFIC-PUPPY recipe combines a wolf’s natural diet with the latest scientific findings about correct puppy nutrition.

The main source of food for wolves, from which our canine companions are descended, is of course meat and fish. But wolves also consume fruit, herbs and vegetables either by foraging, or via the contents of their prey’s stomach. This is how wolves get the vitamins, minerals, trace elements, enzymes and secondary plant compounds they need.

However, the composition of WILD PACIFIC-PUPPY dry food goes a step further. Together with vets and food scientists, each individual ingredient has been compiled according to the type and quantity needed, so you can be confident that WILD PACIFIC-PUPPY is in line with the latest knowledge about the dietary requirements of growing puppies. This makes WILD PACIFIC-PUPPY puppy food unique.

Learn more about the superfoods we include, such as Yucca schidigera, Jerusalem artichoke, nucleotides, and natural probiotics and prebiotics.

  • MOS (Mannan-oligosaccharide) is a source of dietary fibre. A scientific study conducted in 2002 demonstrated that MOS promotes the development in mammals of the probiotic bacterium Lactobacillus acidophilus, which improves digestion and strengthens the immune system (1).
  • FOS (Fructooligosaccharide) is a source of prebiotic fibre. A scientific study conducted in 2010 demonstrated that FOS promotes the development of health-promoting lactobacteria and bifidobacteria in the intestines of mammals. These keep the intestinal flora in equilibrium and are considered natural opponents of coliform bacteria (2).
  • Nucleotides are among the basic building blocks of life. A scientific study conducted in 2006 demonstrated that when used as a dietary supplement, nucleotides help to strengthen the immune system (3).
  • Yucca schidigera belongs to the Asparagaceae family and thrives in places such as Mexico and the Mojave Desert. Several scientific studies have demonstrated that Yucca schidigera both significantly reduces flatulence and markedly improves faecal aroma (4). Another study, conducted in 2004 at the University of Salerno (Italy), concluded that reservatrol and yuccaol C, two substances found in the yucca plant, help the body to counteract harmful stimuli (5).
  • Jerusalem artichoke belongs to the daisy family and contains the carbohydrate inulin. A scientific study conducted in 2006 at the Institute of Bacteriology and Mycology at Leipzig University’s Faculty of Veterinary Medicine concluded that inulin from the Jerusalem artichoke plant promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria in the large intestine. (6) A study by a team of scientists headed by Prof. Dr. Andreas Diefenbach from the Institute of Microbiology and Hygiene at Freiburg University Medical Center concluded that healthy intestinal flora strengthens immune defence in mammals and thus protects them from various bacteria and viruses (7).

Fish - Caught using Sustainable Fishing Practices

  • Contains a high proportion of omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Naturally enriched with vitamin B6, protein, iron, magnesium and potassium.

WILD PACIFIC-PUPPY combines the ancestral diet with the needs of your puppy today, allowing it to enjoy natural and appropriate nutrition every single day. All of the ingredients in this unique recipe serve to maintain the health of your dog. That’s why Wolfsblut is Germany’s most popular dog food brand.


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