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  • Grain –Free
  • WOLFSBLUT Joint Protection PLUS, a natural preventive measure against joint inflammation
  • Human grade meat and fish
  • All Natural
  • Hypo-Allergenic
  • Inspired by wolves, nutritionally balanced by vets and scientists.
  • Each product comes with a detailed feeding guide, based on the current weight of the puppy.


Dry food for puppies of large dog breeds

Large Breed Puppy is a complete dry food specially tailored to the needs of puppies of large breed dogs. It contains all the necessary minerals and nutrients, is easily digestible and an ideal source of energy, and ensures normal bone growth.

WOLFSBLUT Joint Protection PLUS is in every formulation, it consists of special natural substances to combat joint inflammation, each selected with scientists to ensure an optimal ratio for maximum effectiveness.

"Lameness from joint inflammation is much more common in large dog breeds than in small dog breeds," explains Dr. Altstaedten, a vet with more than 40 years’ experience (also known as TV vet Dr. Wolf).

There are various delicious varieties of Large Breed Puppy. They all have a high proportion of meat or fish together with a unique combination of ingredients. And, of course, the varieties contain no grain (gluten-free) and are thus suitable for allergy-prone dogs and allergy sufferers.

Complete dry dog food with turkey

Complete dry dog food with wild duck

Complete dry dog food with fish