• Grain–Free
  • 100% Human-grade Fish
  • Boneless
  • All Natural
  • Hypo-Allergenic


A guilt-free treat for dogs of all ages - 100% hand-boned fish

Introducing Fish Snacks from WOLFSBLUT. Use our Fish Snacks as a healthy and delicious reward or motivational aid; you’ll be surprised by how irresistible they are! These snacks even work in distracting environments, making them a convincing aid for teaching and training your dog.

They are available in different types of fish, as strips, rolls and cookies. In conjunction with WOLFSBLUT dog food, they form all-round, biologically appropriate nutrition for your dog.

WOLFSBLUT Fish Snacks are also suitable for dogs with a food intolerance or allergy.

Fish snacks with 94% salmon

Fish snacks with 100% white fish

Fish snacks with 100% cod

Fish snacks with 100% cod

Fish snacks with 100% rose fish

Fish snacks with 100% cod