• All Natural
  • Hypo-Allergenic


WOLFSBLUT natural food supplements

Our WOLFSBLUT dry and wet food varieties combine the ancestral diet of a wolf with the latest scientific findings on correct dog nutrition, and so we incorporate these natural supplements into our recipes.

If you use WOLFSBLUT as a treat for your dog, rather than as part of a daily diet you can now optimise your dog’s diet with WOLFSBLUT’s beneficial natural supplements.

Just like us humans, dogs have certain vitamin and mineral requirements. Environmental influences, stress and illness can disrupt a dog’s natural balance and increase its need for specific vitamins and minerals.

Our range includes supplements based on natural ingredients, such as Immutop, a concentrate from the Jerusalem artichoke plant, our Yucca Gold, a Yucca schidigera extract, and our seaweed blend.

Our supplements comply with food regulations. They are pure and therefore free from pesticide residues, preservatives, dyes and foreign substances. They are manufactured without any additives, especially with no added sugars or acids.

Wolfsblut Immutop® – Intestinal health and immune defence

Wolfsblut Marine Plant Mix – vitamins and minerals

Wolfsblut Nopalia – Anti-inflammatory

Wolfsblut SanImmun – Immune defence, intestinal health and anti-inflammatory

Wolfsblut Yucca Gold- Reduces flatulence and inflammation