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  • Grain–Free
  • Human grade meat and fish
  • A bespoke superfood complex
  • All Natural
  • Hypo-Allergenic
  • Inspired by wolves, nutritionally balanced by vets and scientists.
  • Detailed feeding guides on all products: based on the expected final weight of the dog (not current weight).


Natural nutrition for your puppy

Combining the ancestral diet with the needs of your puppy today, our natural and delicious wet food varieties are suitable for feeding your growing dog a healthy diet every day.

There are four delicious flavours, each with the right amount of energy for puppies. The primary ingredient in all varieties is human-grade meat or fish, each balanced with a unique combination of carefully selected ingredients for a recipe that serves to protect the health of your puppy.

Complete wet dog food with venison

Complete wet dog food with trout

Complete wet dog food with red deer

Complete wet dog food with wild duck